Road Warrior Diner
This was a super fun and challenging project for me as I wanted to make a dining experience that called back to a Mad Max ride concept I designed. It was all done in 3DS Max using an imported SketchUp model. I then added in the assets and placed in light sources (my favorite being the neon signage in the front of the building). I rendered an interior and an exterior view, and then used Photoshop to add in the figures. 

Activate The Lane
This was a concept for a new park area in downtown Savannah, GA that I did. I used AutoCAD to create the layout and then used Adobe Illustrator to add in line work and Photoshop for the colors and textures. The organically shaped multi-level structure in the bottom right is a seating area for people along with the tables to the left of it. The structure in the top right of the park is an event stage. The area to the left of that is actually a splash pad with the water spout openings placed strategically as part of a constellation map inlaid into the base of the splash pad. The structure on the bottom left is a rock climbing wall with a canopy overhead.

Fun Palace
This is a model I did in SketchUp and then rendered in Enscape (the climbing wall and putt-putt course holes were brought in from the SU Warehouse). After rendering, I brought everything into Photoshop and added in the background of the city of Dubai and added the scale figures.

Revit Artist Residence
This is a small house that I designed in Revit. My favorite part is the skylight that I created in the ceiling. After designing the model, I placed it into Enscape and then created a sheet that includes elevations, renders, and floor plans for the structure. 

Thorne Room Model & Horror Rendering
I modeled a replica (to scale) of one of Narcissa Niblack Thorne's miniature rooms using SketchUp. The objects in the room are brought in from SketchUp Warehouse, but the room, moulding, wainscoting, windows (and curtains), and doors were modeled by me. The room I chose is the 'Virginia Drawing Room (1754)'. I then rendered a couple of scenes from the model and used a combination of Photoshop and Procreate to create two horror scenes. I had a lot of fun setting up these scenes and adding in the lighting for them. 
Prop Building in Maya
These are a few props I modeled in Autodesk Maya - a toy robot head, an old lock with added bump and texture maps, and then a retro spaceship. 

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